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What is Banamine and how will it help my horse?

By Dr Jennifer Wickline
 Variations of Bute

Banamine (the actual drug name is flunixin meglumine) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication used in horses. The drug can also be found under other trade names such as Prevail and Flunixamine.

We utilize two forms of Banamine at Equine Veterinary Services - oral paste and injectable liquid. Although it is in the same drug class as Bute, Banamine is more commonly used for soft tissue problems, while Bute is mainly reserved for musculoskeletal pain. The most common use for Banamine is fever reduction and relief from equine colic symptoms. The injectable form of Banamine is intended for intravenous use; however, many horse owners do give it in the muscle. We do not recommend this route of administration under any circumstances. The drug is irritating to the tissues and can cause injection site abscesses, and in rare instances a fatal bacterial infection can result. If a horse owner is not comfortable giving an intravenous injection, the injectable form can be given orally under the tongue at the same dose. This is a much safer method and achieves the same absorption as if the drug were given IV, and reaches peak blood levels in 45-60 minutes. The paste is handy because it comes in a dosing syringe similar to that of a paste dewormer. The paste version of Banamine takes approximately 45-60 minutes to reach maximum effectiveness. Many horse owners are comfortable giving it by this route, and itís very useful for patients that need daily administration.

If you have more questions about administering Banamine for your horse, call our office at 972-524-7075.

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