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Three Quick Tips for a Cold Snap in TX

By Dr Jennifer Wickline
 Horse in Snow
  • Break up any ice in your horse's bucket. The leading cause of impaction colics when we get cold snaps is inadequate water intake, so make sure your horse has plenty of fresh, clean water to drink. If your horse refuses to drink the cold water, bring hot water from the house and add some to his bucket to make the remaining water just slightly warm or room temperature.
  • Electrolytes are very important to encourage your horse to drink. In a pinch, table salt, (2 tbsp over feed) is acceptable, but we don't suggest it for long-term use. Your local tack or feed store will have plenty of electrolyte products for use in horses- be sure to follow the label directions. If you put electrolytes in your horse's water instead of over the feed, ALWAYS hang another bucket of clean water with nothing added. Some (many) horses will not drink electrolyte-laced water.
  • Provide additional HAY (not grain!). Hay and forage is digested in the hindgut, and the process of hindgut digestion creates heat that will help your horse to stay warm from the inside out.

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