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Breeding Farm

Breeding Farm Services

The success of our client’s breeding program is a primary focus at Equine Veterinary Services. If you have interest in having your stallion in a first-class Residential Stallion Breeding Program, please contact Dr. Arnold at 972.524.7075 for information. Our Residential Stallion Breeding Program can include promotion (website creation, photography, etc.) and advertising services (creation and placement) in addition to our first-class stallion care and breeding services if desired.

We also offer additional stallion services including drive-in stallion collection, fertility examinations, and semen analysis as well as a variety of collection programs including cooling and freezing, and multiple semen shipping and storage programs. At Equine Veterinary Services we regularly ship across the United States and Canada, and can facilitate this process for both our Residential Stallions as well as for drive-in stallion collection clients. We can also help with international shipments of frozen semen for your stallion.

We provide top mare and foal care while breeding your mare to our Residential Stallions, or any outside stallion with cooled shipped semen or frozen semen. At EVS we also offer services for mares including uterine biopsy interpretation, fertility evaluations, embryo transfer and flushing, as well as inseminations and all standard mare breeding services.

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JR Red Diablo

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